Privacy Policy

Delta Airlines and its affiliates, appreciate the fact that you trust us and have provided the information, personal and other details, and we want you to know how we handle the data provided by you. This privacy policy describes all the details regarding the data that we collect, either directly or indirectly, from you or your computer. We collect these data when you visit our website or mobile application, we also collect data using various software. By providing the information, you consent with our privacy policy. To know more about the privacy policy, please continue reading:

What will you know after reading our privacy policy?

We collect the data by two methods, directly and indirectly. In the first method, we collect the data through the forms available on our website that you fill in order to register for an account or to make any purchase. In the second method, the data is collected indirectly from your computer. We install cookies in your web browser and using the cookies we collect information regarding your computer and internet service provider. While the first method is manual and you provide the data yourself, the second one is automatic and we collect the data without your consent directly from your computer.

What data we collect?

Through the manual method in which you provide the data by filling the form, we ask for details like first name, last name, email address, postal address, mobile number and some other personal detail that can be used to identify you. The information collected using the cookies is regarding your computer like the IP address of your computer, your internet service provider, your behavior on our website, and the browsing history to indentify your interest and requirements.

We also use some other third party website and applications to know about you. The data collected using this method are your demographics, referral links you used to visit our website, the time you spent on website and which section of the website was visited more and which was left unused.

How do we protect your data?

We use various technologies to protect your data. These technologies ensure that your data are in safe hands, and we also make sure that your data is not shared to anyone outside of our affiliates. However, we are not responsible for how the third party websites uses you data.